Parthiv Care


Every business has a significant role to play in combating and as a socially responsible group Parthiv has been and will always continue to extend a helping hand. Parthiv Group strives to bridge the gap between an under-skilled youth segment and the talent vacuum in the economy. The Group’s CSR activities are rooted in the belief that businesses must enable all living beings to get a fair share of the planet’s resources and offer actionable opportunities to every individual to progress with their individual skills. Mr. Rakesh Rathi the Founder of the Parthiv group is involved in a wide variety of community development and environmental preservation projects.

Parthiv Care Overview
Parthiv Care contributes actively to causes such as Women Empowerment, Save Girl Child & Special Children Education. We are committed to our social responsibility and our efforts have touched a lot of individuals. Their success and smiles is example of our contribution to create a better tomorrow. The Parthiv group is committed to integrating environmental, social and ethical principles of business.
Women Empowerment
Save Girl Child
Special Child Education & Care

Making a difference through work

Our CSR programs aim to be relevant to locals while also keeping disadvantaged communities as the focus. We abide by the principles of Parthiv Care while being in partnership with Government and NGOs. There has been considerable progress in terms of developing abatement strategies, increasing awareness and determining best practices. While we create employment opportunities in various parts of India, our CSR activities are designed to create employability and impart the best education to people who require it most. We believe one person’s education can change an entire family and we will not stop till everyone is educated.

Redefining CSR activities


Every individual deserves an equal opportunity. With education, skill development and empowerment, only sky is the limit for any human. Our CSR activities are aligned to this belief and we continuously strive to elevate individuals and less privileged families for a better future.


As Parthiv Group is present across India, we are well connected with local bodies and NGO to maximise our reach. As part of the professional practices, every individual at Parthiv Group is motivated to bring difference to the society.


Parthiv Group has a goal to help 10000+ people every year through structured programs that brings a difference to their livelihood. Through our vast portfolio, we inspire more businesses to join hands in creating opportunities and stability for under-privileged families.