Parthiv Capital Pvt. Ltd.

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Offering competitive capital solutions to businesses and MNCs

Parthiv Capital Pvt. Ltd.

Parthiv Capital Pvt. Ltd. is specialized in Business Advisory and Consultancy Services. The team provides performance-based, industry-tailored, and technology-enabled business & Financial advisory services to clients across India. Being a financial advising company, Parthiv Capital is associated with fundraising for the corporate sector via equity and through various trade finance instruments of the financial market.

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Company Brief

Parthiv Capital have extensively worked on several financial aspects across diverse verticals, and serve clients ranging from MNCs to MSMEs. The team has a strong understanding of the laws vis-a-vis the business scenarios. The company render Consultancy and Opinion services in various matters related to finance which has been appreciated by various Chambers of Commerce and Industry Associations. The level of involvement in business expansion strategies, setting new work processes, and managing diverse business operations is what makes Parthiv Capital an effective & efficient service advisors.

Our Vision

To offer sound and strong advisory and financial services to companies helping them grow swiftly in compliance with business laws.

Company Vision

Strong Advisory and Capital Solutions

Bringing Expertise and Ease With Experience

Insurance Policy Made Simpler and faster
Sponsors Network

Sound relationships with a large number of financial sponsors.

Turnkey Solutions

End to end solutions for stages and strategies

Capital Solutions

Low turnaround time and fundraising solutions for businesses

Client Base

Vast Client Base & very deep understanding for chosen sectors.

Strong Team

Highly experienced Team with In depth knowledge of taxes and laws of various countries.

ECB and Foreign Term Loans

Special expertise in raising ECB for Indian expenditure and Foreign Term Loan.

Our Clients

Leading insurers for your financial freedom

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