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Personal Information

We do not require personal information for you to obtain access to most of our website.

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o To seek your feedback or to contact you in relation to the services offered on our website.
o To process orders or applications submitted by you.
o To process and respond to requests, improve our operations, and communicate with visitors about our products, services and businesses.
• We will not use or share with a third party, any information collected on this page for direct marketing purposes. Because of the nature of the Internet, we may transmit the information to another country, but among Parthiv Group and its affiliates, for purposes other than direct marketing, such as for storage, or for carrying out the processing detailed above, or because of where our servers are located, but we do not provide or use personal information to unrelated businesses for direct marketing purposes.
• To the extent required or permitted by law, we may also collect, use and disclose personal information in connection with security related or law enforcement investigations or in the course of cooperating with authorities or complying with legal requirements.
• We may also remove all personally identifiable information and use the rest for historical, statistical or scientific purposes.
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Non - Personal Information

• On this web site, information sent by your web browser, may be automatically collected. This information typically includes your domain name (the site after the @ sign in your e-mail address). It may also contain your user name (the name before the @ sign in your e-mail address). Other examples of information collected by our server include the Internet protocol (IP) address used to connect the visitor’s computer to the Internet, operating system and platform, the average time spent on our website, pages viewed, information searched for, access times, websites visited before a visitor visits our website, and other relevant statistics. The amount of information sent depends on the settings you have on your web browser; please refer to your browser if you want to learn what information it sends.
• All such information will be used only to assist us in providing an effective service on this website. We may from time to time supply the owners or operators of third party websites from which it is possible to link to our website with information relating to the number of users linking to our website from such third party websites. You cannot be identified from this information
• We use the information we automatically receive from your web browser to see which pages you visit within our website, which website you visited before coming to our website, and where you go after you leave. We, at Parthiv Group, can then develop statistics that are helpful to understand how our visitors use this website. We use this information in the aggregate to measure the use of our website and to administer and improve our website. This statistical data is interpreted by Parthiv Group in its continuing effort to present the website content that visitors are seeking in a format they find most helpful.

Delays in Services

Neither Parthiv Group (including its directors ,and/or employees, ) shall be liable for any loss or liability resulting, directly or indirectly, from delays or interruptions due to DND, electronic or mechanical equipment failures, telephone interconnect problems, defects, weather, strikes, walkouts, fire, acts of God, riots, armed conflicts, acts of war, or other like causes.

Governing Laws

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Use of Information & Materials

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No Represenataion or Warranty

No information sent to any client through this web site or available on this web site shall constitute any representation or warranty by Parthiv Group regarding the credit-worthiness, financial performance or prospects, solvency, or viability of any company or other legal entity or the business carried on by such entity. This website may contain advice/opinions and statements of various professionals/ experts/ analysts, etc. Parthiv Group does not represent/endorse the accuracy, reliability of any of the opinions/ statements/ information by such person. Reliance on these statements shall be at the risk of the user of this web site. It is the responsibility of the user of this website to independently verify and evaluate the accuracy, completeness, reliability and usefulness of any opinions, services or other information provided on this web site. All information in this web site is being provided under the condition and understanding that the same is not being interpreted or relied on as legal, accounting, tax, financial, investment or other professional advice, or as advice on specific facts or matters. Parthiv Group may at any time (without being obliged to do so) update, edit, alter and or remove any information in whole or in part that may be available on this web site and shall not be held responsible for all or any actions that may subsequently result in any loss, damage and or liability. Nothing contained herein is to be construed as a recommendation to use any product or process, and Parthiv Group makes no representation or warranty, express or implied that, the use thereof will not infringe any patent, or otherwise. The user/client is expected to keep abreast of any changes made in this website and the information available on it on a regular basis, Parthiv Group undertakes no responsibility about advising the user/clients about any such changes. Though Parthiv Group will endeavour to ensure that information contained on this web site is obtained from sources which, it feels, are reliable, Parthiv Group does not warrant such information’s completeness or accuracy.

Limitation of Liability

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Intellectual Property Rights

Parthiv Group retains all rights (including copyrights, trademarks, patents as well as any other intellectual property right) in relation to all information provided on or via this web site (including all texts, graphics and logos).


Parthiv Group reserves the right to change the information provided on or via this website, including the terms of this disclaimer, at any time and without notice. However, Community Finance Private Limited does not undertake to update or keep updated, the Content contained on this website from time to time. It is recommended that you review the information provided on or via this website, including the terms of this disclaimer, periodically for changes. Parthiv Group shall not be held responsible for all or any actions that may subsequently result in any loss, damage and or liability on account of such change in the information on this website.

Fraud Disclaimer

Parthiv Group wishes to draw the attention of our customers and members of the general public to the prevalence of fraudulent activity being perpetuated by fraudsters who aim to deceive and defraud our customers and the general public. This type of fraud may be via email, letters, text messages, facsimile or by using a website purporting to be that of Parthiv Group.
In the event of receiving any communication Parthiv Group strongly cautions the public against providing personal information, sending money or disclosing bank details to any person claiming to represent Parthiv Group or to have a relationship with Parthiv Group.
Our customers are strongly advised to seek information/clarifications by contacting our business office directly and/or online through the mentioned Email IDs & Contact Details on Contact us page.

Members of the public are hereby advised not to send/receive money to/from such scammers, as Parthiv Group will have NO LIABILITY whatsoever for any and all losses/damages suffered by anyone who falls victim to such scams/letters from fraudsters. Parthiv Group hereby disclaims all such correspondence and messages and warns its customers and the general public to disregard such and to exercise extreme caution at all times.

It is our constant endeavor to provide the best and unparalleled support to our customers.