LC Bidding

Insurance Efficient Overview
Changing the way LC Discounting works

LC Bidding is a unique initiative that was taken to aid the process of raising quick and cost-effective finance for the working capital need of business. Businesses all across any part of the nation get an opportunity of raising funds online at attractive discounting interest rates, and that is possible in quick turnaround time. LC Bidding has grown as one of the most preferred platforms for LC Discounting for banks, CAs and businesses.

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Company Brief is connected with different banks and NBFCs who enlist their interest rates on our platform, which helps one in comparing the interest rates offered on the portal by different banks/NBFCs and choose the best one. The platform is a win-win situation for both stakeholders through transparent communications and completely secured deals. LC Bidding has helped several companies explore foreign markets with ease.

Our Vision

To be the leading solution provider for everything related to Letter Of Credit Discounting and reach businesses all over with best solutions.

Company Vision

LC Discounting done right

Making businesses meet lenders easily

Insurance Policy Made Simpler and faster
Competitive Interest Rates

Find the best interest rates from multiple lenders

Beneficial For Lenders

Completely transparent and secured online platforms

End to End Solutions

Expertise in LC documentation and advisory

All India Presence

No limitation related to location, available everywhere

Time Saving

Saves times and eliminates hassles with online process

First of its kind

India’s first online LC discounting service provider